Parking Servis Herceg Novi

Parking Servis Herceg Novi

Announcement – 30.11.2017

Since December the 1st, 2017, we introduced 15 minutes of academic time (free time)-tolerance for paying parking, instead of the previous 30 minutes.

Announcement – 24.06.2019

Based on the planned activities for year 2019, “Parking Servis Herceg Novi” d.o.o. Herceg Novi has implemented most of its important strategic activities.

In order to relieve passive traffic and making it easier to find a parking space, a time limit of maximum 2 hours of parking was implemented in the red zone in Herceg Novi.

Also, new blue zone was implemented in the center of Igalo (from the former Tamaris Hotel to the “Galeb”), which inherited the price of the red zone, but without any time limit restrictions.

Summer prices (01.06-01.10.)

Zone I, red, 0.80 € (time limit 2 hours) 14510 SMS

Zone II, blue, 0.80 € (unlimited) 14511 SMS

Zone III, yellow, 0.50 € (unlimited) 14512 SMS

Zone III, yellow, daily 5.00 € (7-24) 14513 SMS

In order to improve the quality of services until July the 1st 2019 four parking ticket machines will be installed. This will make it easier to pay for car parking services. They will be located at next locations: near Tonsati, in the city center near Gradska kafana, on X Hercegovačka street (main highway) and in Igalo near Omladinski park.