We would like to inform the users of our service that “Parking service Herceg Novi” d.o.o. Herceg Novi starting from August 1st 2020.  applied new working hours for the reception of the clients in the office of the Company, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm.


“Parking service Herceg Novi” d.o.o. Herceg Novi informs users of our services that starting from Monday, July 20th 2020. until further will not charge parking services and will allow free parking at the following location:

– Sava Ilića Street, from Ribarska Street to the entrance to the “Dr Simo Milošević” Institute on the south side (parking spaces numbers from 1 to 59).

Also, we inform the users of our services about another additional benefit, and that is that the price of hourly parking at the Special parking Igalo starting from Monday, July 20th  2020. is  0.60€. We decided to reduce the summer price which was valid since June 1st 2020.  by 25% and equal it with the price of hourly parking in the General parking in the yellow zone.

In addition, users of monthly passes for citizens at Special parking Igalo are granted a 50% discount on prices from the valid Price List for the months of August and September.

The above-mentioned decisions arose from the complicated and unfavorable epidemiological situation in which we currently find ourselves. We do not believe that anyone could have predicted the scenario we are in today due to the coronavirus, we all expected normalization of the situation, opening of border crossings and a decent tourist season, because at one point Montenegro was declared a “corona free” destination.

In accordance with all the above and due to the significantly reduced frequency of traffic “Parking service Herceg Novi” d.o.o. Herceg Novi has determined for the stated benefits and accordingly informs its users about them.


Complying with the Orders for the implementation of measures to prevent infection caused by the Corona virus (COVID-19), brought by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro on March 13th 2020., we inform you that “Parking Service Herceg Novi” DOO Herceg Novi introduces the following:

– Short-time working hours of the Company’s office, which will be from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 1pm. Particular consideration shall be given to the number of parties that may be admitted to the office of the Company in such a way that there may not be more than one party at a time.

– Payments for subscribers parking cards can be made in post offices, banks or electronically to the following bank account numbers: 

o NLB Montenegro bank: 530-20251-79

o Hipotekarna bank: 520-36251-59

o Lovćen bank: 565-4273-72

o Komercijalna bank AD Budva: 525-4384-84

For the purpose of payment enter the month for which the subscription card payment relates, and in the reference number enter the cars license plate number to which the subscription card relates.

For any additional information please contact us by phone at +382 31 324 127 or +382 67 234 449 or by e-mail at


TRAFIK application is your personal tool for fast and easy purchase of parking tickets via SMS.

Apart from intuitive and simple selection and parking payment, the application offers a range of other functionalities for all users.

  • Search and view parking location of any desired municipality within the territory of Montenegro. Interactive map within the application provides users with a detailed parking view and easy orientation.
  • Choose a parking and review the type of parking zone, price per hour and working hours.
  • Pay your parking ticket via SMS through simple selection of parking location and municipality, as well as entering your license plates.
  • Review your active parking ticket and the time of expiration. TRAFIK reminds users of the expiration time through enabled notifications.
  • Review the history of purchased parking tickets. The history allows users to have a full overview of past parking expenses, zones, times and locations of parking.

Google play store:

App store:


From Wednesday January 15th 2020. zone for street Partizanski put in Herceg Novi is being changed. It changes from yellow zone to red zone, with a maximum time limit of 2 hours and charges 0.60€ per hour.

SMS payment number for mentioned of street, red zone is 14510.

Prices for prepaid parking tickets on street Partizanski put are charged according to the Company valid Price List of the red zone.


Starting from Thursday, December 5th  2019. “Parking service Herceg Novi” doo Herceg Novi will charge parking services on the full plateau at the location on the general parking lot on Dubrava.

The mentioned location is in the yellow zone and will be subject to the winter payment regime valid until June 1st 2020. and will charge parking from Monday to Friday, from 7 to 21 hours, and Saturdays from 7 to 15 hours, with the following prices:

            – 1 hour – 0,40 €,

            – daily ticket – 4,00 €.

Academic time (free time)-tolerance for paying parking at general parking Dubrava is 30 minutes.


In order to provide better service to citizens EasyPark android application was introduced, which shows locations where the users of our services can park.

EasyPark is European leader in the parking payment category with the “Find&Park” concept. In year 2018, the EasyPark application was used in 13 countries, 1200 cities and on 20000 locations. With EasyPark you can pay for parking throughout all Europe.

After installing the application at any location in the World, by selecting Montenegro, user can see Herceg Novi with a map of parking places, as well as the price and time of operation.

After easy registration – the user enters the mobile number and opens a simple guide with suggestions on the main functionalities and benefits for the user. By positioning the needle at the desired location on the map or automatic location pointer at the parking location, the application opens essential city information – the parking zone and allows payment for parking in the same. Payment is facilitated through a payment card so there is no need to use money.

As of today, also in Herceg Novi, the world’s best parking app, EasyPark. The future of parking – lighter and more beautiful.

Announcement – 30.09.2019.

From October the 1st 2019 “Parking servis Herceg Novi” doo Herceg Novi in ​​cooperation with the Founder continues the practice of changing the payment regime on general parking, whereby we inform the citizens of the following:

The novelty in Parking servis this year is an additional benefit for users of our services in the form of non charging parking on Saturdays after 3 pm.

Accordingly, from October the 1st 2019 untill June the 1st 2020 “Parking servis Herceg Novi” doo Herceg Novi will apply the winter payment regime and will charge parking from Monday to Friday, from 7 to 21 hours, and Saturdays from 7 to 15 hours, with the following prices:

  • red zone 0,60 € (time limit 2 hours),
  • blue zone 0,60 € (unlimited),
  • yellow zone 0,40 € (unlimited),
  • yellow zone daily 4,00 € (7-21 hours).

For users of general parking, starting on October the 1st 2019 untill May the 1st 2020 free parking will be available throughout the day at the following locations:

– Sava Ilić street, from Ribarska street to the entrance to Dr Simo Milošević Institute on the south side (parking spaces 1 to 58),

– Njegoševa street, from Vila Kukoljac to Novljanka (parking spaces 268 to 289),

– Mića Vavića street next to Relax (parking spaces 1153 to 1167).

For users of general parking starting on October the 1st 2019 untill May the 1st 2020 free parking from 16 hours will be provided on the following location:

– Njegoševa street and Sava Kovačević street, from Dvorana Park (market “Idea”) to Atlas Bank (parking spaces 394 to 462).

From October the 1st 2019 untill June the 1st 2020 “Parking servis Herceg Novi” doo Herceg Novi will apply the winter payment regime at the special parking “Škver” and will charge parking from 7 to 22 hours.

Announcement – 30.11.2017

Since December the 1st, 2017, we introduced 15 minutes of academic time (free time)-tolerance for paying parking, instead of the previous 30 minutes.