By the decision of the Mayor of Herceg Novi, in November 2006, “Agencija za upravljanje javnim parkiralištima i garažama” was established in the territory of the Municipality of Herceg Novi with the aim of solving the problems of parking and traffic safety in the city whose regular flow was seriously disrupted.

The biggest reason for this was the unregulated passive traffic (parking), which required the implementation of control and payment, as well as marking new ones and the arrangement of existing parking spaces.

Due to the specific traffic regime conditioned by the one-way road, which is approximately 5 km long, it was necessary to systematically and gradually approach the solution of these problems, with priority at the central areas of the city.

For this reason, a study of passive traffic in all areas of the city has been successfully finished, based on which the highest quality solutions for establishing a regime of parking control and payment have been applied.

Organizing the work of the Agency, with great enthusiasm and hard work of its employees, and with cooperation with the competent services of local government bodies, in a relatively short period results were visible, primarily by ensuring a normal flow of traffic in the city.

With the decision of the Municipal assembly of Municipality Herceg Novi in ​​April 2010, the company changed its form and name and became Javno preduzeće „Parking servis“ Hereceg Novi, and under that name started business on February the 1st, 2011.

As the youngest municipal company in Herceg Novi and as a legal successor of the Agency, it assumes all rights and obligations and continues to perform its business by modernizing and improving the culture and manner of parking in the city.

By performing the intended activities, which are construction, maintenance, usage and management of public parking in Herceg Novi, the company achieves visible results, some of which we highlight:

• By constructing and installing temporary parking lots on public areas that have not been used, we have increased the number of parking spaces, especially in the inner city centers.

• We were the first in Montenegro that applied the zonal parking system and the ability to pay for parking via SMS, with which we achieved the necessary interchangeability in one parking space.

On March the 14th 2014 the company becomes “Parking Servis Herceg Novi” d.o.o. Herceg Novi and since then has operated under that name.

The professional services of the company successfully manage to solve, an otherwise permanent task, of improving and adapting the conditions and methods of parking to the needs of citizens of Herceg Novi and its guests.

Today, “Parking Servis Herceg Novi” operates, uses and maintains with just over 1000 parking spaces. About 900 of these are under charge of general parking in the zoned areas, while about 150 are in special parking, that is garages and car parks.

The governing bodies of the company are the Board of Directors and the Director.


Vitomir Simeunović, president

Krsto Marić, member

Miloš Laban, member

Milidrag Majdov, member

Simo Vlaović, member


Miladin Vidaković