1. What is the time limit for paying after parking the vehicle?

Academic time (free parking)-tolerance, that is the time provided for paying for parking is 15 minutes in the first started hour of parking.

2. Is there a time tolerance until the next payment after the expiry of the paid parking ticket or SMS?

After the paid parking time has expired (parking ticekt or SMS), there is a time tolerance of 5 minutes.

3. What are the possible reasons for issuing a warrant for paying a daily ticket in cases when user sent an SMS to pay for parking?

The most common cases are:

An SMS was sent with the license plate number entered incorrectly:

– missed or omitted letter or number,

– license plate number is not completely typed (e.g. AC752 typed instead of HNAC752),

– the license plate contains diacritical characters, and your phone does not support these type of letters (Č, Ć, Š, Đ, Ž),

– the letter O is typed instead of the number 0.

The SMS was sent to the wrong SMS center,

The SMS was sent for the wrong zone.

In any of the above cases, it is necessary that you immediately contact “Parking Service Herceg Novi” so that an analysis of the issued warrant for paying a daily ticket can be performed and possibly cancelled if it has a basis.